Do I Really Need A Website?

Lets Answer A Few Questions!

Do You Know Who's Visiting Your Website?

Most people build a website for the look only A.K.A their brand. Its sad to think more people don't think about their brand past this point like the way the website looks is the finish line. A Successful brand consist of many things, and the most important thing to start is "Analytics".

Most people throw around the word analytics but don't know how many people are visiting their OWN website. The 2 Words I'm going to say next are the backbone of 2019 and conversions READY? Here we go >>>>>>>>>>>> "Google" and "Facebook". Yep, Google is the internet and Facebook has over 3.4 Billion people on it. And If you're going to say Instagram is more important know this >>> Facebook Runs, Owns, & Controls Instagram. You can't Start an Instagram business page without Instagram, You can't boost an instagram ad without Facebook, You Cant setup Pixels to build an Audience of any of the type of people of actions talked about in this post without Facebook.

Facebook Pixels are the epicenter of today's socially driven world so you should become friends quickly if you plan on making sales via ad conversions. You have to install a Facebook Pixel on Your website.

Do You Know Who's Coming Back?

The people coming back to your website are called "UNIQUE VISITORS" these are the people you want to show ADS to, Simply because they are already interested in your products. These are called WARM LEADS.

Do You Know Who's Almost Buying?

The people who keep coming back to your website finally throw a product or 2 in their shopping cart and abandon the cart without finishing the purchase. You run a targeted ad to these people with a LIMITED TIME 10% OFF Discount and they buy.

Do You Really Need A Website???

Lets just say WITHOUT a website, you will know none of the information above. If you want to make money "BUILD A WEBSITE".

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